Rules and Regulations

College Timings:

Classes are held from 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. The college observes a six day teaching schedule from Monday to Saturday

Orientation Programme:

Orientation Programme is conducted for the students at the start of the academic session to acquaint them with the working of the institution and its rules and regulation. This occasion is also used for Face-to-Face introduction of the Faculty members with the students.

Identity Card:

Every students admitted to the college is issued an identity card. Students should keep their identity cards with them every time. In case of loss of identity card, duplicate identity card is issued with fine of Rs. 50/- at college office.

Dress Code:

Our institute has prescribed a specific uniform to maintain discipline & specific identify. Our dress code is:
Boys: Black Pent, White Shirt, Black Shoes
Girls: Pink -Salwar, White -Shirt, Pink- Dupatta, Black Shoes (B.Ed.)
Girls: white -Salwar, White -Shirt, Jaipuri Magenta Dupatta (D.Ed.)
There is no dress-code on Wednesday & Saturday

Time Table:

The time table is put up on the students’ Notice Boards. In case of any clash, the Time Table incharge may please be contacted.

Change of Subject:

No change of subject will be allowed without the permission of the Principal. The permission should be obtained in writing within four weeks of the commencement of the session and in no case later than the date specified by the KUK.

Tutorial Group:

To establish rapport between the teacher and the taught, all the students are divided into Tutorial Groups. Each group is placed under the guidance of a Tutor who keeps full record of the activities and progress of each student of the Group during his/her stay in the college. Character certificate are issued on the basis of these records.

Leave Rules:

  • Leaves must be applied for in advance on the prescribed Leave Forms available in the office.
  • Leave for three days will be granted by the Tutor or by the Senior Tutor in the absence of the Tutor. Leave for more than three days and up to six days will be granted by the senior tutor on the recommendation of the Tutor. Leave for more than six days will be sanctioned by the Principal.
  • Application of Hostel Students for sick leave up to 3 days will be recommended by the Superintendent of the Hostel Warden.
  • In case of serious illness, the leave application must be submitted at the earliest possible along with medical certificate. No medical leave will be sanctioned after a week of student’s resuming studies after illness.
  • No leave should be combined with autumn or winter break.