The students are advised to read carefully the following instructions issued on the basis of the order of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India regarding ragging “Ragging in education institutions is banned and anyone indulging in ragging is likely to be punished which may include expulsion from the institution, suspension from the institution or from classes for a limited period or fine with a public apology. The punishment may also take a shape of without holding scholarships or other benefits debarring from representation in events without holing results suspension or expulsion from hostel or mess, and the like. If the individuals committing or abetting ragging are not/cannot be identified, collective punishment can be awarded to act as deterrent”

Definition of Ragging provided by the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India includes:
“Ragging means any act which violated the dignity of the individual student or is prescribed to violate his/her dignity. The Raging is neither a means of familiarization nor an introduction with fresher but is a form if psychopathic behavior and a reflection of deviant personalities. It reproduces the entrenched power configurations prevalent in civil society”

Ragging can be either of the following forms of acts:-

  1. Verbal Ragging: where seniors cause mental harassment or discomfort for the juniors by forcing them to answer unacceptable/personal questions. Forcing them to dance and sing etc. is said to rag the junior. It also includes its ambit cyber ragging.
    Punishment: One year imprisonment with fine.
  2. Severe Verbal Ragging: Where the mental harassment and discomfort is to such an extent as forces the junior to withdraw from the college.
    Punishment: Seven Year imprisonment with fine.
  3. Physical Ragging: Any act be the senior towards the junior which inflicts bodily injury on the junior be beating the junior, hitting him/her with objects etc.
    Punishment: Seven year imprisonment with fine.
  4. Sexual Ragging: Where the senior asks the junior to do an act which damages sexual dignity of the junior.
    Punishment: Seven year imprisonment with fine.